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Born in Bessey Fonong of the Momo Division of the North West Region of Cameroon on the 28th August 1958.

1st child of 10 children born to Mr Fonong Stephen a primary school teacher and his home-maker wife Dorothy Fonong.
Primary school education in PS Mbengwi where she hated school because any lateness or failure in exams was “rewarded” with six canes on the buttocks.

1970-1975: St Bedes College for secondary education. 1st girl to study physics (mustered enough courage in form 3 to decide on doing physics because the boys and the Reverend Sisters made us the girls believe it was impossible for sub-Saharan girls to understand physics). This was at the time that girls did domestic science to become good housewives while boys did physics to become engineers and doctors. She registered 8 papers at O’Levels and passed the 8 with 5As and 3Bs (she had an A grade in physics to the total amazement of her boy classmates). St Bedes being a mixed school has always had a boy and girl as senior prefects (SPs). At her time however, she was the only SP without a boy counterpart for reasons best known to the Reverend Fathers and Sisters at the time. She had to learn leadership skills very fast because the ¾ boy population was threatening to take out a strike action if they were forced to obey a girl SP. She had to quickly convince the boys that she was not out to fight with them but to work with them as team mates to build the school. In a few short weeks, she was delegating disciplinary and other duties to the boys who carried them out gladly.

1975 -1977: CCAST Bambili at the time secondary school students had to write another entrance examination to get into one of the only two high schools in West Cameroon. She was one of three girls to do physics and one of two who passed physics at A’Levels.

1978-1984: CUSS Yaounde. Mention Honourable upon graduation from Medical school.

1985-2016: medical doctor in various capacities. Some highlights of her career

  • 1st female doctor to head an all-male team in carrying out surgical operations in the Bonassama District hospital Douala.
  • 1st female DMO (District Medical Officer) of the Bonassama/Djebale/Cap Cameroon Health District. Had to cross the high sea three times to control epidemics in the Cap Cameroon Islands with her all male teams.

2006 – 2016: Project Manager of the Global Fund TB control program for the Littoral. She coordinated the activities of the 39 centers where people suffering from TB and TB/HIV receive healthcare. She organized the training, supervision and provision of the logistics for the care of about 6,000 TB, TB/HIV patients every year in the Littoral with a team of about 200 healthcare providers and support staff. When she was appointed, the therapeutic cure rate for TB patients for the Littoral was 60%. At her retirement, the cure rate stood at 85% (WHO objective = 85%).

2016 –date: AGM (Assistant General Manager) of the TEFON HR Company Douala. TEFON is a leader in placement of trained and trustworthy manpower and provision of services to all categories of companies.

What She Is Doing Now:She created the TESHO Family Center- TFC as a platform for families to get counseling for family challenges. The inspiration to open the TFC was based on the following facts:

  • Relationship building skills are not taught in school yet people need healthy relationships to succeed in Work/Family Life Balance.
  • Many young people marry under the influence of passion and when the passion wanes after a few years as it does in every love relationship, they are at a loss on how to build a mutually rewarding family relationship.
  • Many problems in the family are not seen as psychological or psychiatric problems needing the help of such specialists so the conflicts are left to fester for long because psychologists and psychiatrist are seen in our society as the “mad” people’s doctor. Family conflicts are not seen as “madness”.
  • When families do not get skills on how to resolve conflicts, it leads to stress, stress-related illnesses, violence against men and women, divorce and HIV in some cases.
  • Families need a place where there is little stigma, a clean, comfortable and intimate place where they can unburden to a listening ear and get simple life skills to solve their relational dilemmas.
  • The TFC is truly a family center that receives couples, in-laws, children, step children, colleagues and siblings. This is because all these people who interact on a daily basis will always need help to build healthy relationships so they do not irritate each other leading to violence.
  • Because of the TFC and TESHO activities, Dr Fon Elizabeth is a sort-after motivational speaker and conference organizer for companies and families who want innovative solutions that are context-appropriate for work/Family Life Balance challenges.
  • The TFC is found in downtown Akwa at Carrefour ancient Dalip Douala, Cameroon West Africa. It is easy to call on +237,677 60 39 39/+237 673 58 58 58 to get an appointment or email

She is happily married to Mr Fon Thaddeus and they are blessed with a princess for a daughter called Tina Fon and miracle twin boys named Love and Hope Fon Thaddeus.
That is the biography of that girl child who was born in a remote village a long time ago. Through the grace of God, she has evolved into a woman who listens to people. She has come to realize that meeting people’s needs so they can experience their best life ever is more rewarding than silver and gold.
Tel: +237 677 60 39 39

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