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SUMMARY OF BIOGRAPHY, Dr. Fon Fonong Elizabeth

A girl-child was born on the 28th of August 1958 as the first born to a primary school teacher and his home maker wife in the Bessey-Fonong village of the Momo Division, North-West region of Cameroon.

In form 3 at the St Bedes secondary school, she decided to pluck up courage to do physics since it was a confirmed fact that girls had to do domestic science to become good housewives while the boys did physics and mathematics to become engineers and doctors. Leadership came knocking early in her life when in form 4, she was appointed the only Senior Prefect (SP) for boys and girls in a mixed college of about 360 students, ¾ of whom were boys.

She has always done things that she was told only boys should do like studying physics and going to medical school

That paved the way for her to develop a different mindset on how to interact and work with males in leadership roles because some years out of medical school, she had to head an all-male theatre team in the Bonassama District hospital in Douala.

When she was appointed as the first female DMO (District Medical Officer) of the Bonassama/Djebale/Cap Cameroon health District, she had to lead male colleagues across the Atlantic high sea to control health epidemics on the islands.

All of the above constituted adequate preparation for her when she had to head the Littoral TB/HIV control program coordinating the activities of 200 nurses/doctors/support staff in 39 treatment centers where about 6,000 TB/HIV patients receive healthcare a year.

It was also adequate preparation when she became the AGM (Assistant General Manager) of the TEFON HR Company.

She was able to succeed in these diverse challenging tasks because with family and friends, they had developed the TESHO (Team Spirit Holistic) concept of teaching all persons who have to work together team building skills that will help them to reduce stress in their Work/Family Life relationships so they can attain their objectives.

That is the biography of that girl child who was born in a remote village a long time ago. Through the grace of God, she has evolved into a female leader who listens to people. She has come to realize that meeting people’s needs so they can experience their best life ever is more rewarding than silver and gold.
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