TESHO - Turn your not so great marriage into a thrilling one!


My name is Dr Fon Fonong Elizabeth and I am the coach of the family team called FC (Football Club) FON.

When we got married in 1985 some 31 years ago, I was in 5th year medical school. I had read all the romance books I could lay my hand on and there was no doubt in my mind – I was going to live happily ever after. In addition, I had this reasoning, “I will be a medical doctor married to a petroleum engineer so if money was not going to be a problem in our marriage, what else was going to stop us from living happily ever after”?

I was thoroughly mistaken and that is why I was taken by surprise when our small misunderstandings became more frequent and more heated. It has been a humbling experience to leave from thrillingly happy at the start of our marriage to the depths of despair and then slowly and painfully climb back to living happily most of the time using the TESHO skills we have developed.

We are still in the learning process but as an educated sub-Saharan wife, there are some things that my sub-Saharan husband will not take lightly if I indulge in them.

Disrespect in public and private is a no-go zone for him. As a woman who talks a lot, I make sure I do not disrespect him or our star players (aka our kids) in word and action.

And if I do disrespect them, I have learned to render effective TESHO apologies.

We thank God for revealing to us the TESHO concept. As we continue to learn and teach, our relationship grows deeper and deeper.

Dr Fon Fonong Elizabeth

Coach of the winning family team called FC FON

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