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Work Place

Real safety starts at home in the right relationship with family members. Whatever happens at home influences how the employee carries out his job and what happens in the work place determines if an employee will be a great parent or not. The stressors at home and in the work place are intimately interconnected and a boss who wants to add value to the lives of his employees will want to help his workers develop effective work/life balance because the company and the employeee stand to gain.

Psychologista have been telling us that stressors at home have an effect on job performance. Many company bosses have safety programs in place in the office to help the employees work safely but in many cases, these bosses neglect the home front.

There are few work/life balance initiatives in many contexts so workers grappling with family issues have no help in their work places.

The best gift a boss can give his workers is to offer them the TESHO life skills that will help them build team spirit into their relationships at home. The bonus is that such a worker will have fewer absences for stress-related consultations and these same skills will be used to build meaningful and cordial relationships in the work place.

Skills of effective verbal and non-verbal communication for example will help the worker both at home and in the work place.

Personal developement skills should be taught to all workers and their families. The TESHO Foundation is in high demand by the HIV+ and HIV- because whether one is HIV+ or HIV- one still wants to cultivate meaningful relationships at home and in the work place.

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