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The Marriage Misconception

The Marriage Misconception - TESHO - Team Spirit Holistic

Young people who marry thinking that they will live happily ever after like in the fairytales better get one thing right; every marriage will go through storms and periods of turbulence. Without conflict management skills, it may take a very short time for a small misunderstanding to grow into a big problem. However, the same young people should decide to choose divorce as a last option.  ..


HONESTY IN MARRIAGE - TESHO - Team Spirit Holistic

Every marriage is different, but honesty is non-negotiable in marriage. Your spouse is the one person in the world with whom you should be the most honest and transparent in all of your dealings. Working as a family team demands complete honesty. Integrity and credibility are expensive commodities in every relationship but in marriage they are priceless. Dishonesty is a slippery slope tha ..

How to keep your spouse interested in you forever

How to keep your spouse interested in you forever - TESHO - Team Spirit Holistic

REPORT ON THE TFC’S PRESENTATION AT REDEEMED CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GOD, BONALOKA DOUALA DATE : 18TH NOVEMBER, 2018 SPEAKER : DR. FON ELIZABETH TOPIC : « HOW TO KEEP YOUR SPOUSE INTERESTED IN YOU FOREVER » The presentation was done during the divine service and was given to Christians of the church under the « Family Clinic » church program which holds every month. Attendanc ..

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