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ARISE AND SHINE At somatel Hotel Douala

ARISE AND SHINE At somatel Hotel Douala - TESHO - Team Spirit Holistic

ARISE AND SHINE Being a female leader – living your dream As a young girl As a young woman in the work place As a married woman As a mother. You will face challenges all the way. You need to overcome them. WHY WOMEN LEADERS GO INTO BURN-OUT Women have been taught: Competition against cooperation/completion What a man can do, a  ..

Somatel Hotel Event by Tesho

Somatel Hotel Event by Tesho - TESHO - Team Spirit Holistic

TESHO AT HOTEL SOMATEL AKWA ON THE 16TH OF FEBRUARY 2019 ARISE AND SHINE LIVING YOUR DREAM Everybody can dream but not everyone gets up to fight to see that same dream is fulfilled. It all started at about 10:30am with 50 participants with songs of praises, worships and meditations. The TESHO team had led by Dr Fon Elizabeth assited by Njokom Vashti did a presen ..

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